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SCCCA/ICS Cultural Center wishing to promote reading by providing a Library “Open” to the community of all ages. We aspire to provide an enjoyable atmosphere and the best possible patron experience while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction.

The Chinese book collection at the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center Library is devoted to Chinese-language materials in all formats. Works published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other areas are collected via donation from the community. The collection of more than twenty thousands Chinese books at the Library plays an important role in supporting all Chinese-related reading, teaching and research activities at the Cultural Center.

Library Hours


Monday to Friday:

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
* Excluding holidays

Saturday and Sunday:

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
* Open only when Chinese School is in sessions

Library open to the community for reading.
Cultural Center members could borrow books up to three weeks.

Virtual Tours

Library Policy

  • To borrow library book/DVD/CD or materials one must be a member of SCCCC and with a member card. Completion of the application form includes accepting the Library’s terms, conditions and providing valid relevant document and photo identification.
  • If there is any change to the information on the original application form, please notify the center staff. If your member card is lost, please report it immediately. Member will be responsible for any items checked out by others using the lost card.
  • 5 items per account may be checked out with your library card for the loan period of three weeks. Loaned books are for private use, may not be passed on or reproduced, and must be treated with care.
  • The Member should not borrow defective/ damaged books. While returning such a book, the member will be held responsible and charged as per policy mentioned below. Denial of borrowing rights and compensation responsibilities:
    1. If a book is past due, the member card will become invalid and there is a fine of $0.25 per day until the book is returned. The maximum number of days a book may be past due is 30 days; whereupon additional fees may be assessed.
    2. The Member is fully responsible for items borrowed or used in the library. Any damaged or lost items must be reported to the library and the item be replaced with a new one of the same or newer edition. A damaged or lost magazine or newspaper should be replaced with the same volume/issue.
    3. If replacement is impossible, the following rules of compensation charges apply:
      • If a book’s published price is in U.S. currency; the charge is twice the published price.
      • For books priced in foreign currencies, the charge in U.S. dollar is twice the price of the book converted to U.S. currency at the current exchange rate.
      • If the damaged or lost book belongs to a set and the book is not priced individually, the charge is twice the average price of each book in the set.
      • The charge for a damaged or lost item written in Chinese language without a marked price is $0.01 per page or $10.00 per item if the number of pages is not known. The charge of an item in languages other than Chinese is $0.02 per page or $10.00 for each book in the novel category and $20.00 for other items.
      • The charge for a damaged or lost item of video, VCD, CD-ROM is $20.00 for public use version and $15.00 for home use version. For each item of DVD or LD, the charge is $30.00 for public use version and $25.00 for home use version. For each item of recording tape or CD, the charge is $10.00.
      • The charge for an attachment is twice the price of its main document/item.