Responsibilities and Duties

Room Parents Leader (RPL)

  • Ensure timely and effective communications among the school, parents, PTO and teachers for school policies and event details.
  • RPL can assign some duties to RPL assistants among parents in your class. Each RPL assistant can help out the RPL in some tasks. For example, Treasury or Party coordinator.
  • For K-2 and the classes with 18 or more students, RPLs should arrange one parent per week to help their teacher in the class by using the Room Parent Sign-up Sheet and should remind room parents to report for service on a weekly basis. All 3rd grade and above classes with the number of students less than 18 are not allowed to have room parents.
  • RPLs should obtain contact information from each parent, such as telephone number and email address for better communication for future events and coordination.
  • Your attendance to RPL meetings is mandatory, so please notify Grace if you cannot make it to any of them.
  • Submit new RPL’s contact information to Grace by the end of school year.

RPL assistant duties

  • Class treasurers need to collect class fund from parents. The suggested amount is $20-$30/student. However, it can be more or less depending on what is needed. Treasurers should maintain class fund balance and communicate with parents periodically. The money can be used for student rewards, holiday parties, Teacher Appreciation gifts, etc.
    * One Treasurer per class (5 points)
  • Party coordinators are in charge of organizing and planning class parties, coordinating parents for the party activities, and purchasing party items if needed.
    * One Party coordinator per class (5 points)
  • CNY coordinators are in charge of organizing and planning class activities for 2018 Chinese New Year Festival, attending at least one school meeting for the event details, and coordinating parents for the event.
    * One Chinese New Year (CNY) coordinator per class (5 points)

Volunteer/Room Parent Guidelines

  • Volunteer Sign in
    Please sign in at the library to receive your volunteer badge. Volunteers must wear their badges while during the duration of the activity. This will ensure that students and staff can easily identify you. We appreciate your cooperation!
  • Attire
    Your appearance should be neat and consistent with the dress code of the school. In the event that attire is deemed to be inappropriate; inappropriate t-shirt slogans, advertisements for tobacco or alcohol products, attire displaying weapons, etc., the staff may ask a volunteer to leave the school.
  • Timeliness
    Please remember to be on time. When you are late or do not come in for your volunteer session, it can upset the routine of the classroom and students. If you will be absent or have changes in your schedule, please let your RPL know.
  • Tobacco and Drugs (prescription and over-the-counter)
    Tobacco and drugs of any kind are not permitted in the school. Please be aware of what you have in your or backpacks. Volunteers are not permitted to give over-the-counter medication to students.
  • Family Members
    Younger and/or older siblings are not permitted to accompany volunteers in the school during volunteering hours.
  • Guidelines for Working with Students
    Maintain close contact with the supervising teacher about activities being planned and the needs of individual students. If you are not sure of something, please ask. Some students need to be guided toward acceptable behaviors. If you observe this kind of behavior, please bring it to the teacher’s attention. Information that students tell you about their personal lives is private and confidential. If you hear something that may be a threat to students, report the matter immediately to the teacher. It is extremely important that you do not talk with other parents about any of the children in the classroom observed while you were volunteering. Most people do not want anyone saying anything about their child. Please respect student’s and parent’s rights. If anything happens in the classroom, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the parent.
  • Student Discipline
    As with all ICS employees, volunteers may not touch a student in an aggressive, disciplinary, or sexual manner. It is the teacher’s responsibility to discipline children. Any concerns that you have about individual children and how to manage their behaviors should be brought to the teacher. Speaking to the children in a calm, focused way will go far in getting their attention and cooperation. Telling them directly what you expect of them and what the standards are for the activities will give them a framework on which to focus their efforts.