Service Points Policy and Process

The Parent’s Service Point Policy was established in 1989 to encourage and guide the parent’s participation. The policy is summarized below:

2017-18 Service Point Policy

Service Points requirement

A family with one student must complete 10 points while those with more than one student must complete 15 points.

Deposit and Service Points

At the beginning of the school year, every family with one enrolled student is required to make a $100 deposit; families with two or more enrolled students are required to make a $150 deposit. Once the service point requirement is fulfilled at the end of the school year, the full $100/$150 will be returned. $10.00 will be deducted for every service point not fulfilled. As a general guideline, one service point is issued for each hour served.

Recording Service Points

The service points need to be entered/ submitted onto the Sycamore system by the parents themselves before coming to their duties. Parents can check on their point status on the Sycamore system about 2 weeks after the service. If you have any questions regarding to your service points, please email to ASAP.

Summary of Service opportunities, points, and Sign-up
  • Room Parent Leader (RPL) – 15 points (Please contact your teacher to sign up this
    (Note: Co-RPLs – 8 points for each co-RPL if the RPL job duty is shared by two persons)
  • RPL assistants: (Please contact your RPL to sign up these positions.)
      • One Treasury per class – 5 points
      • One Party Coordinator per class – 5 points
      • One Chinese New Year coordinator per class- 5 points

    (Note: Co-RPL assistant- 3 points for each person if an assistant position is shared by two persons)

  • Only K-2 and the classes with 18 or more students are allowed to have up to one room parent per class per week. Room parents need to sign up with their RPL prior to their volunteering. 3rd and above grades with less than 18 students are not allowed to have room parents.
  • Class helpers for special event activities, such as CNY Festival and Sports Fun Day,etc.: points vary (Please contact your RPL for sign-up.)
  • Traffic control and/or Patrol duties: points vary (There is a maximum two sign-ups per month per family. Please sign up online .)
  • Volunteering for ICS, SCCCA, and PTO sponsored activities such as Chinese New Year Celebration Event and Sports Fun Day – points vary (Please sign up online .)
Check-in, Check-out and point approvals

Volunteers need to submit points into their Sycamore account prior to their service date. On the service date, each volunteer gets a name badge after check-in at the library. Volunteers must wear the name badge and return it to the library for check-out. (Note: For the offsite events, volunteers need to check in with the event supervisor.)

Need an answer, have a question?

FAQ on Service Point

Why do I need to pay this $100 or $150 deposit?

This is only a deposit. You will get your money back once you earn all your required service points. If you have one student at school (and your deposit is $100), you need 10 points. If you have more than one student (and your deposit is $150), you need 15 points. Usually you can earn 1 point for each hour you volunteer.

Why do I need to volunteer?

Like most schools, sports clubs, etc, our school needs a lot of parent volunteers to help in the school, competitions, classrooms, and events such as the Chinese New Year Celebration, etc. Research shows that parent involvement in education has a positive effect at all levels and creates better student achievement. Children are more likely to earn better grades, attend school regularly, have better social skills, and show improved behavior. Your participation helps us to fulfill our mission of creating a safe, positive, innovative and educational environment for all children.

How do I earn those service points?

You can help in the classroom as a room parent. You can serve as a Room parent Leader for your kid’s class for the school year. You can also sign up to help at the events. Or you can help at various competitions at school. Many opportunities!! Want to check on the online volunteer opportunities? Please sign-up from the Volunteer Sign-up web page.

What happens if I don’t have all the points by the end of the school year?

If you don’t have all the required service points, you will not be able to get the full $100 or $150 back; however, you will be able to get part of it back. $10.00 will be deducted for every missing service point. For example, if you are required for 15 points but you only volunteer for 10 points, you are still missing 5 points. Your deposit refund will be deducted by $10.00 x 5 point = $50. That means you will get $100 back (=$150‐$50).