Safety Guidelines and Requirements

Sunday Traffic

Syunday Drop-off / Pickup Instruction


Earthquake Strikes Instruction

Sunday Drop-off / Pick-up Instructions

To ensure student safety and improve traffic flow, the following Sunday morning traffic flow
procedures will be implemented.

  • The parking spots in front of the Irvine Chinese School (ICS) Building will be reserved for staff and teachers only. Parking permits will be required when parking in this area. At 8:45 am, an on-site volunteer will be blocking this area.
  • Parent and visitor vehicles will enter the school through the middle entrance. For student drop-off, please drive forward. For parking, please turn left immediately.
  • DROP-OFF/LOADING – Upon entering the Drop-Off zone, please use the right lane for student drop-off and loading, and move your vehicle as forward as possible to accommodate other vehicles. If there is a vehicle in front of you when you are done, under safety circumstances, you can turn left and follow the traffic flow to park or leave the campus.
  • PARKING – After entering the campus and making a left turn, park your vehicle and take your student(s) to the ICS Building through either end of the drop-off zone.
  • PICK UP – Please follow the same procedures as those delineated for drop-off. If parents are not certain that the student(s) will be waiting at the pick-up area, please park you vehicle and then pick up the student(s).

Note: To use the handicapped parking spaces, please use the parking spots in the staff/teacher parking area.

Earthquake Strikes Instructions

  • Keep calm and protect yourself from falling objects by taking cover under a desk or table. Cover your head and neck and keep your back to the windows. If you are outside, move to an open area away from power lines, power poles, trees and walls as soon as the shaking begins.
  • Do not turn on lights if you smell gas. The spark could cause a fire.
  • After the quake expect aftershocks. Move carefully.
  • Teachers lead all students to leave the building orderly to their designated assembly area (Please refer to Emergency Evacuation Diagram).
  • Once the roll call is completed at the assembly area, follow your teacher for further instructions.

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