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Extracurricular Credits

Irvine Chinese School (ICS) offers a special program to high school students (9th through 12th graders) whereby they can earn high school credits for Chinese language study.


Applicant must be a high school student, 9th through 12th graders.


Application should be completed within first 4 weeks of each school year. Some high school may require the student to re-apply each semester.

Maximum credits

A student may earn up to 5 high school credits, but not to exceed the maximum credits allowable by each student’s respective high school.


Application Procedure


Program Requirement



Application procedure

  • Register with your ICS language teacher
  • Obtain an Application and Authorization for Private Instruction Credit for Foreign Language from your high school. Turn in the form to your ICS language teacher.
  • Upon approval by the ICS Principal, the form will be returned to the student.
  • The student must take the form and obtain approval from the high school Principal or an authorized agent.
  • Return the form to ICS.

Program requirement

  • Attend 5 hours of classroom instruction weekly. Complete all assignments.
  • Participate in approved projects and independent study for no less than 1 hour weekly.
  • Participate in various extracurricular culture activities.


  • 一般校內語文
  • 校外學分成績,此為校內語文課成績之指定作業 (2)、(3)項中的總平均成績。


  • 無法參與文化活動者,須向語文老師請假並每次補作四個小時之作業。
  • 如無故缺席一次者,除補作四個小時之作業外,另扣校外學分總成績五分。
  • 無故缺席文化活動二次者,以自動放棄該學期校外學分成績論。
  • 學區申請表格,每學期上課總時數須填80小時。
  • 申請校外學分選課科目有限,詳情請洽選課組。
  • Students who plan to earn extracurricular credits for Chinese language should limit their choices to Elective classes. Consult Elective department for details.