Extracurricular Credits

Irvine Chinese School (ICS) offers a special program to high school students (9th through 12th graders) whereby they can earn high school credits for Chinese language study.


Applicant must be a high school student, 9th through 12th graders, enrolled in ICS.

Application Timeline

Application should be completed within first 4 weeks of each school year. Some high schools may require students to re-apply each semester.

Maximum credits

A student may earn up to 5 high school credits per semester, but not to exceed the maximum credits allowable by student’s respective high school.


Application Procedure


Program Requirement

Application procedure

  • Register with ICS Academic Affairs before first week of school and pay the tuition & registration fee, $300.
  • Obtain a form of Application and Authorization for Private Instruction Credit for Foreign Language from student’s high school. Turn in the form to ICS AA staff after you fill out the form.
  • Upon approval by the ICS Principal, the form will be returned to the student.
  • The student must take the form and obtain approval from the high school principal or an authorized agent.
  • Return a copy of the form to ICS Academic Affairs.
  • Some school districts require students to reapply at the beginning of each semester.

Assignment and Requirement

  • Attend four hours of language class and one hour online course, five hours in total every week; must complete all required assignments.
  • Students who plan to earn high school extracurricular credits for Chinese language should limit their elective class choices to Chinese culture related class. Consult Academic Affairs for details.

Grade Report

ICS will send the report cards to students’ high schools by certified mails. It is students’ responsibility to check if the credits earned at ICS are recorded on the high school transcript. If not, please contact students’ high school and notify ICS.

Report Card
  • Saturday Session: Language Class (60%),
    Extra Credit Class (40%)
  • Sunday: Language Class (40%), Extra Credit Class (40%), Elective class (20%)