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Badminton Club Rules

Badminton Club Rules

  1. Every player is required to pay the walk-in fee or scan SCCCA sports club card before entering the playing area.
  2. No payment from card holder will result in losing sports club privileges. No payment from walk-in will result in denial of future visits/services.
  3. Players must pay one-time and non-refundable SCCCA Sport club account activation fee $25, but club admission is on a first‐come first‐serve basis.
  4. Visits must be purchased separately, and can be purchased in bulk for a reduced rate.
  5. Visits purchased for a certain sport cannot be used in other sports within the sports club.
  6. Packages expire one‐year from the date of purchase.
  7. Walk‐ins will be $8 per visit.
  8. New card holder will receive SCCCA club tag at first visit – visit the front check‐in table.
  9. There will be 6 available slots to play each week (summer schedule will not include afternoon session).
    • Tues‐Thurs (Afternoon session will not be available during summer season). Afternoon session (11:30AM‐1:30PM)
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Evening session (7:30‐9:30PM), Friday (7:15 -9:45) pm.
  10. There are six courts, and the six courts will be broken down into three sections:
    • Beginners – Reserved for practicing or beginning players only
    • Intermediate – Reserved for both games and practice only
    • Advanced – Reserved for games only
  11. Visits cannot be transferred or given to other players.
  12. Keep a good attitude and be courteous at all times – no throwing of rackets, no swearing, keep language clean, etc.
  13. Players must bring SCCCA club tag and driver license / photo ID to each visit or pay $5 for the replacement of the new card.
  14. Refund policy: A $30 processing fee along with visits used will be subtracted before refunds are given.
  15. Only online registration will be available, if player needs assistance with registration, please come 30 minutes prior to the start time for assistance from our staff member.
  16. Children under 13 need to be accompanied by an adult (ages: 21+) – fee is the same as adults and children must pay for club application as well.
  17. Only SCCCA Sport club card holders who scanned their card can enter or watch in the gym during club hours.

Gym Rules:

  1. All players must wear non-markings shoes.
  2. No food and drinks are allowed in the gym.
  3. Water is allowed ONLY at the bleachers area.
  4. Please help keep the gym clean by disposing trash (used shuttlecocks, etc.) in the trash bins. There are recycle bins in the hall for plastic bottles.
  5. Please follow staffs and volunteers’ instruction.

Game Rules:

  1. Every player is required to have a SCCCA Sports Club “CARD” to play.
  2. Double games only. To expedite the waiting process, one game per match, winners stay (2 games maximum). However, when there are no challengers, the regular best-of-three is allowed.
  3. A Waiting list and Skill Level sign (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) are assigned to each court. To wait in line at the court of your level, clip your CARD on the string by the waiting list sign. If player wish to play with a partner, please clip partner’s CARD with yours. The closest ones to the sign are next in line. Please pay attention for your turn.
  4. Once on the court, please clip CARD on the Skill Level sign. It is required that you contribute one NEW (or good condition) shuttlecock to the game you participate in.
  5. When your match is over, please:
    • REMOVE your CARD from the current player slot.
    • CLIP it back in line or take it to other courts to wait in line.
    • CALL the NEXT challengers on the waiting list.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse entry and acceptance of players for any reason. We also reserve the right to suspend or terminate the card at our sole discretion any time.