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Welcome to Student Activities!

Every year, Irvine Chinese School not only provides our students with a great learning environment and excellent learning resources, but also fun and culturally-enriched activities, such as the Chinese New Year Celebration that our students enjoy every year. We hope our create activities can enhance our students’ learning experiences and also make their learning fun as well. As always, your child’s learning and success is our priority. Thank you for your support!

Chinese School Events

Current and upcoming activities.

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High School volunteer signup

High School student volunteer signup.

Sports Fun Day

10/7 and 10/8/17

The principle of this event is to encourage our students to develop the habit of exercise to have healthy living styles and to build up their teamwork and leadership skills.

Fall Academic Contests

10/11, 10/14, and 10/15

ICS Fall Academic Contests: Penmanship 1-4 grade, Calligraphy 5-7 grade, Composition 8 grade to high school Chinese Level I, Translation Chinese II and above.

Chinese New Year Festival

2/10/18, 2/11/18

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

We welcome all families in our community to join 2018 ICS Chinese New Year Festival. There are performances, fun games, craft making, and more. Please join us!